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Known as the Identity Shaper, Dr. Stephanie M Kirkland is an organizational leadership consultant, executive coach, instructional designer, workshop facilitator, keynote speaker, researcher, author, and expert on African American women’s leadership.

Dr Kirkland is the founder and CEO of Identity Dynamics®️, a leadership development company. Dr. Kirkland has created a signature identity centered leadership framework called Identity Dynamics Leadership®️. It helps leaders develop and convey their unique leader identity and leadership philosophy by exploring themselves across five facets of identity (personnal, professional, spiritual, relational, and physical).

She believes that individual transformation sets the stage for personal and organizational growth. By guiding leaders in developing their leader identity and leadership philosophy, it creates a sustainable impact on the leaders day to day mindset and behaviors regarding themselves as a leader, their teams, and organizations.


  • "Crafting Your Compelling Identity Pitch: Leveraging Your Uniqueness for Leadership Success"

  • "The ABCs of Identity: A Foundation for Effective Leadership"

  • "Who Do You Need to Become: Guiding Leaders to Embrace Identity Transformation for Success in Their Next Season"

  • "Influence and Communication Mastery: Engaging Your Audience"

  • "Building Win-Win Relationships: Collaboration is the Path to Success"

  • "Resilience and Stress Management: Rising Above Challenges"

  • "Life-Work Integration: The Key to Sustainable Leadership"

  • "Normalizing Difference As the New Leadership Stragegy."

  "Elevating African American Women and Women of Colors Leadership: Empowering Topics for Growth and Success"

  • "The Portrait of a Leader: Normalizing African American Women's Leadership Modality"
  • "Do Black Women Really Get Imposter Syndrome?"
  • "Taking Back Your Power Even In Challenging Environments."
  • "The Impact of Identity Based Criticisms on the Identity of Black Women."
  • "Redefining Black Women’s Leadership Communication as Normal at your Company"


  • Doctor of Education, Northeastern University, 2023

       Concentration: Organizational Leadership

  • Master of Arts, Columbia College, 2020

       Concentration: Personal and Organizational Leadership Development

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Religion, Queens University of Charlotte 2018

  • Certified Life Coach, Life-forming Leadership Coaching. 2016

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