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"Daily Identity Development: Unlocking Your Best Self for Empowered Life and Work"

"Your Path to Daily Self-Improvement and Wellbeing: Unlocking Success Through Identity Development"

"Empower Your Journey with the ME TIME DAILY PRACTICE"

The ME TIME DAILY PRACTICE is your steadfast companion on the path to self-prioritization, designed for women who are ready to embrace their own worth and make themselves a top priority in their lives. It all began when I granted myself the permission to put myself first. As a multifaceted, high-achieving woman, I had been busy, successful, and yet, felt increasingly frustrated, burnt out, and unfulfilled. I realized that I was merely existing, not living as my authentic self or in alignment with my purpose. I yearned for more, and that longing drove me to a pivotal conversation with my husband. It was then that I decided to take a different path – to regroup, embark on a consistent journey of personal growth, and rediscover who I truly was. That single decision stands as the most impactful one I've ever made, for it was the moment when I granted myself the liberty to prioritize myself. In doing so, I unearthed my unique identity, empowered my own life, and subsequently, those connected to me found their lives enriched as well.

ME TIME DAILY is not an invitation to a spa; it's a commitment to daily renewal and self-discovery, rooted in a rigorous journey towards mastering your identity. Through this practice, you will continuously evolve into the finest version of yourself, not just in your life, but also in your professional pursuits driven by purpose.

Join us on this transformational journey to unlock the full potential of your identity and purpose, making each day an empowering step forward.

The Decision

Choosing ME TIME DAILY is a declaration of self-worth, a commitment to prioritize yourself within the intricate tapestry of your life. This deliberate decision paves the way for holistic well-being and unprecedented success across every facet of your identity, influencing both your personal and professional spheres. It's a daily "practice" that hones essential skills, nurtures competencies, instills positive habits, cultivates empowering behaviors, and employs targeted strategies – positioning you at the vanguard of your own success. This practice bridges the gap between process and desired outcome.


  • Cultivate profound self-awareness, delving into your beliefs, concerns, and motivations at the deepest levels.

  • Elevate your consciousness and self-assurance, radiating a newfound confidence.

  • Identify and transcend patterns that have held you captive in both life and work.

  • Discern functional and dysfunctional behaviors, uncovering their roots for transformative growth.

  • Unearth your innate strengths, unlocking your authentic power.

  • Chart pathways towards continued growth, development, and ultimate fulfillment.

  • Fortify your resilience and recognize stress indicators tied to your unique identity.

  • Amplify productivity, effectiveness, and inner motivation.

  • Enhance your career prowess and collaborate seamlessly with others.

  • Cultivate leadership authenticity, presence, and lasting impact.

By engaging in activities that refine your distinct identity, you not only refine your talents and amplify your strengths, but also address areas for improvement, ultimately augmenting your capacity to fulfill your boundless potential in life. As you embark on the pursuit of your full potential, you access the inherent "seeds" divinely planted within you, aligning with your purpose and profoundly impacting the lives you've been destined to touch.

ME TIME DAILY encompasses a rich blend of neuroscience, self-care practices, faith-based principles, psychological insights, and personal development methodologies. These are made available through self-guided study and through the personalized guidance of a dedicated life coach.

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