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The ME TIME Recharge Leader Retreat is a transformative experience curated specifically for women in leadership roles. It offers a precious respite from the demands of daily life, providing an exclusive space to craft a powerful narrative around your personal, professional, spiritual, relational, and physical leadership.

Here, you'll find the clarity and insight needed to develop and refine your goals, unlocking new levels of potential and purpose. Through a blend of comprehensive teachings, hands-on techniques, and practical tools, this retreat promises a life-changing journey towards empowered leadership.

Me Time Recharge


Invest in Your Leadership with Our Annual Holistic Retreat

Whether you're an organization looking to elevate your leaders or an individual seeking personal growth, our 2-day, 3-night retreat is the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate spirits, reignite passion for your work, and foster your leadership identity.

Is your organization or are you as an individual:

  • Feeling like you, or your leaders, are running on empty?

  • Not experiencing the fulfillment envisioned at this point in your, or their, careers?

  • Yearning for a sense of community and growth?

  • In need of a break from the day-to-day grind?

Bring yourself or your leaders to join us at the ME TIME RECHARGE LEADER RETREAT.  Imagine the impact when a group of powerful, purposeful women leaders take a step back from their hectic schedules to envision, express, design, shift, rebuild, play, re-imagine, and ask profound questions about their next steps in life, work, and leadership. The result? A recharged and revitalized outlook for what comes next.

This retreat is an exclusive gathering of like-minded women leaders, carefully crafted to:

  • Ignite their leadership potential and connect them to a deeper sense of professional purpose.

  • Provide holistic nourishment for their body, mind, and spirit through guided movement, breath work, self-awareness practices, and enjoyable activities.

  • Assist in identifying and dismantling unconscious, self-sabotaging habits that drain energy, especially in high-stakes situations.

  • Strategically position for the new year ahead.

  • Reposition their approach to achieving harmony between life and work, enabling them, or your leaders, to feel more in sync and fulfilled.

We anticipate welcoming your leaders or you, as an individual, to an experience that will leave everyone reinvigorated, empowered, and equipped for even greater success in their leadership roles.



Stephanie M Kirkland

CEO of Identity Dynamics,LLC

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