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Are you Busy or Productive?

Don’t be busy be productive.

So many women define their “value” by being busy. They don’t know another way to “feel”valuable. So running around for other people’s needs has become the value standard.

This “lifestyle” doesn’t last. Stress, anger, frustration, feeling used, and burnt out becomes the emotional cycle. A cycle that was “volunteered” in a unconscious attempt to feel valued. This doesn’t mean you don’t have responsibility but it does mean you’re not DEFINED by them.

IDENTITY brings value not busyness. It doesn’t REQUIRE you to do anything other than be YOURSELF. You CHOOSE the activity that aligns with your boundaries and life. THIS allows you to BE productive. You go from being EVERYONEs “worker” to someone who intentionally decides what she will be involved. This won’t make others happy BUT this step is necessary.

You ARE THE GIFT not what you “do” for people. Your VALUE is found in knowing what you bring to the table and engaging others with that!

BECOME who you are meant to be. LEARN your value. DEVELOP your greatness. UNDERSTAND your message. LIVE intentionally.

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