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Celebrate Yourself

Some people refuse to celebrate you because you have grown beyond the limits they gave you.

People ask me all the time, “why aren’t they happy for me, I’m happy when they succeed?” Here is the perfect answer 😊

STOP trying to get people to celebrate you 😉. STOP expecting people to do what you would 😬.

You must learn to celebrate yourself and not “look” for it from others. Yesssssss! It feels good to be celebrated BUT it shouldn’t be necessary for you to be “fulfilled.” Your IDENTITY is not predicated on others. If people won’t congratulate you, that’s “their” issue and baggage. Don’t take on other people’s issues and make them your own.

Stand in your GREATNESS with or without accolade. If it bothers you that much, analyze why you are in relationship with those that won’t appreciate you... THAT PART isn’t about them.

Use this as an opportunity for self awareness. Celebrate YOURSELF. It’s neither arrogant or selfish. You deserve it.

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