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Wake Up, My Sister....

Remember, If you play small, you stay small. It’s okay to want more, do more and be more.

Don’t let other people’s limitations become yours. Sometimes women play small because of indoctrination! You were taught “your place” yet your HEART says you were made for MORE! The concern for other people’s perceptions is wrongly placed in your journey.

You find yourself trying to “FIT IN” to other people’s “satisfaction”... but your heart says its mediocrity for you. You start making excuses about why you can’t accomplish the dreams and goals that are running through your veins! Then the relationships and expectations you KNOW in your heart...become impossibilities because your relationships and atmosphere now support mediocre.

WAKE UP!!! REMEMBER WHO GOD SAID YOU ARE!! Your ONLY limits come from YOU! Stop “pretending” you are waiting on God. God already spoke. It’s a FINISHED work.

WAKE UP!!! Time is not promised!! MOVE to position yourself for where you should be!

WAKE UP!! Stop surrounding yourself with people and ideas that don’t CHALLENGE you to walk in what you can accomplish! Relationships Matter.

WAKE UP! The NEW DAY is here! You just need to say YES to the destiny God had always planned and NOT the one you’ve found yourself SETTLING FOR!

My sister..... wake up. It’s BEEN time.

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