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IDENTITY DYNAMICS, LLC guides leaders and organizations in building identity based leadership frameworks.  This empowers leaders and organizations to embrace their individual uniqueness which creates an inclusive organizational culture. The result increases innovation, productivity and performance.  Identity Dynamics, LLC is transforming what it means to develop leaders by beginning with IDENTITY.


Our revolutionary Identity Dynamics System is based on identity development, leadership competencies, emotional intelligence, cognitive behavioral strategies, mindfulness practice, intra-personal skills, communication, self efficacy, individual psychology, and brain based learning.  It addresses the great growth opportunities and unique challenges facing individuals and organizations to understand and engage identity as a growth strategy. 

Research shows that focusing on the intersection of our identities brings a greater recognition and sensitivity within a person to build a healthy identity for life and work. Identity Centered Leadership helps you gain self awareness, clarify goals, achieve developmental objectives and unlock your potential. You will measurably improve your performance, productivity and personal effectiveness. You will develop through dialogue, tools, and strategies to examine and develop your identity leadership blueprint, decision making skills, implementation of new ways of being, action steps, and thinking to achieve your goals. 

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